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Just connect your Windows tablet PC to external displays and a good keyboard and you've got an excellent replacement for your laptop/desktop computer and a convenient full Windows 8.1 tablet PC on the go.

Samsung ATIV tab 7 with Wacom digitizer stylus

Many Windows tablets even have an integrated Wacom digitizer, great for Photoshop work, drawing and notes.

Windows RT Explained

Please note that with the RT version you cannot run the full Windows7/8 software you're used to. However, all Windows tablets come with at least a trial of Microsoft Office Suite (both on the RT version and on all Windows 8 tablets).

On Windows RT tablets, you run smaller apps similar to iPad and Android apps. Compared to Windows 8 tablets, though, RT tablets often have more sensors such as gyroscope, ambient light sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer, Haptics, proximity sensors, etc —good for gaming apps.

Windows RT tablets are also normally lighter, have much better battery life and an attractive price tag.

Best Compatibility

If you are unsure what platform you should chose, the Windows 8, 64 bit tablets with Intel i5/i7 processors offer the best performance and compatibility.

You can run all the software you are used to, such as a full version of Photoshop/Microsoft Office Suite and highly demanding programs for CAD/CAM, 3D animations and still enjoy the new Windows Store apps like on the RT tablets.

With a Windows 8.1 tablet, you will have access to the largest library of games and software in the World and with the Xbox 360 controllers and Xbox SmartGlass you get an epic portable gaming experience.

Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Tablet?

Most users won't notice any difference when upgrading to the Pro version. You get some security features and you can run OS virtualizations (for WP emulators, etc). Most programs are still compatible with a 32-bit OS version, but 64 bit is faster.

Windows 8.1 tablets

Yay! The start button is back! :-) And you can upgrade to 8.1 for free if you buy a Windows 8 tablet.

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